Express Yourself
Internal Communication Campaign for Employee Engagement Survey
Commercial Bank of Qatar, Doha, Qatar

Commercial Bank, Qatar wanted to create internal communication campaign motivating and reminding the staff to participate in Employee Satisfaction Survey, to increase their participation.

We decided to brand it with unique name instead to calling it Employee Satisfaction Survey. The name was worked out as Express Yourself, and digital communication campaign was created with animated GIFs.

First two days before the survey, teasers were rolled out, which created curiosity among the staff, followed by the email form CEO about what Express Yourself is.

The survey continued across for 3 weeks, and during these 3 weeks, we rolled out reminder campaign in continuity with teasers published with different messages as animated GIFs, to increase participation rate.

The campaign was successful, with participation of staff reaching 78%, which usually recorded in previous years below 54%.

Design Director and Designer: Rehan Saiyed, Storm Worldwide
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