Individual Development Program (IDP)

Human Capital Division of Commercial Bank of Qatar, wanted to come up with a solution of a planner which engages the staff and push them to schedule their Learning and Development Program in advance and implement in time.

Previously they used to do this through Excel and distribute it across the staff, and asked us to design something more engaging which makes the staff act on to it, as staff usually never planned in advance and even if some of them did, did not implemented in time.

They suggested to design a PDF planner, which they can distribute it digitally across the staff, staff prints it out and pin it across their personal pin boards and follow the schedule.

We thought, this PDF idea will not work out, and suggested something interactive and engaging enough for the staff to plan their individual development program (IDP). And at the same time, physical on their desk in front of their eyes which they prefer to look at and keep in on the desk.

We worked out the playful solution using the Kirigami approach and created a planner which pops out when opened up and displayed. The typography and graphic design within the popups were designed with a story, where the IDP schedule became more engaging and interactive, with a message to plan their IDP at the earliest, and not leave it for later dates.

Design Director and Designer: Rehan Saiyed
Client: Commercial Bank of Qatar, Doha, Qatar
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